Solar Panel Installation

How Could You Benefit From A Solar PV System?

Reduce Your Energy Bill

A solar PV system could help you to reduce your energy bill by up to 70% per year, and in many cases the savings are simply staggering. Over the course of system's lifetime, our average household customer saves more than £50 000 with a solar PV system, and for commercial clients that figure could be 10x.

Independence From the Grid

The growing risk of blackouts and powercuts means a solar PV system will leave you as the envy of your neighbours. By producing your own energy, you can reduce your dependence on the grid and gain more control over your energy usage.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Solar panels are a great way of reducing your carbon footprint because they generate electricity without emitting any harmful greenhouse gases or pollutants. A solar panel system enables you to produce your own clean energy, which means you're less reliant on energy sources like coal and natural gas.

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Our cutting-edge software enables us to create detailed proposals, featuring your estimated payback period, self-consumption, and monthly savings. Once you’ve reviewed the proposal and decided to move forward, the next step is to bring in one of our skilled technicians to survey your property.


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Our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, assessing its suitability for the solar panels and any electrical equipment that might be needed. Our team have taken part in hundreds of installations already, and are always confident of finding a discreet and efficient path for your cabling.

Solar Panel Pricing

How much do Solar Panels cost?

Solar panels are available in a variety of sizes, and typically installation costs are proportionate to the number of panels you buy. As the number of panels on a solar PV system increases, so too does the initial installation cost. The aim of any solar panel installation is to fit enough panels to offset a property’s electricity bill, so in most cases a a larger system will provide greater long-term savings.

For instance, a 3KW solar panel system will be less expensive to install, but you won’t be able to save as much money over the years as you can with a 6KW system.

Your optimal sized system will depend on the size of your building and your individual electricity needs.

Simply put, the cost of an installation increases with the size of the solar panel system, but in general, the cost per kW lowers as the system size increases.

How much do Solar Panels cost?

Weather permitting, we can complete the majority of installations within two days of work commencing. In most cases we can begin an installation within two weeks of an offers acceptance, though prior approval is required for larger systems, which will naturally push back a start date.

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25 Panels

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Solar Power Diverter

Making the most of your green electricity

A Solar Power Diverter is a clever device that helps you to make the most of your home-generated electricity. Instead of sending your excess electricity back to the grid, a power diverter will harness that energy to heat the water in an immersion water tank. As a result, you can use your excess electricity to help power your home’s heating, and reduce your reliance on a gas boiler.

It can be an extremely valuable addition to your home energy system, helping to minimise costs and your carbon footprint. Having a source of free hot water, your boiler will not have to work so hard!

The brand we tend to recommend the most for this fucntion is an eddi. With an eddi you can optimise your system and utilise every last bit of your valuable home-produced green electricity!

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Without an eddi, you will have to send any electricity which cannot be immediately used or stored in a battery to the grid. Whilst this sounds brilliant, as it will result in a small monthly rebate from your energy provider, the reality is that there are much better uses for that excess power.

Avoid wasting your valuable electricity energy. Don’t return unused power to the grid for free or at a low cost, instead save money and use it to heat your home or your hot water.